Carlos Reynaldo is the creator of the 10X Rainmaker System, which is an automated sales and marketing method that optimizes your sales team by shifting their perspectives and aligning them as a unit to drive your company’s profits.

He is one of the most sought after Corporate Rainmakers and corporate Peak Performance Sales Trainers on the planet.

He’s famous for creating some of the highest percentage sales increase in the history of high-end sales organizations.

He has customers and clients from every continent and regularly acts as a consulting advisor to industries as diverse as precious metals, investment banking, real estate, mortgage banking, and the automotive industry.

Whether you’re a solo-preneur or a $10B-a-year company, every entrepreneur on the planet needs a rainmaker: someone who’s going to get in there with you, get his hands and feet dirty, figure out what you need most and make it happen for you.

This means DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES to get you what you need. Whether it’s money, salespeople, financing, clients, systems…whatever.

I have failed so many times I have lost count. But my real passion—my outrage—is helping companies get what they want regardless of how tough things get.

Learn the Secrets to Business Mastery with Tony Robbins and Carlos Reynaldo

Recently Carlos Reynaldo reunited with Tony Robbins and his most elite team as a Business Results Strategist and a Personal Results Specialist.

In his capacity with Tony’s company, Carlos is introducing Business Mastery to help business owners worldwide understand the critical factors that impact their business. He helps companies refocus and realign with the strategies and psychology needed for competing and innovating in any economy.

It’s no secret that massive results come from massive action. Business Mastery breaks down the strategic and innovative approaches used by industry leaders such as Apple, Zappos, American Express and Facebook to help business leaders identify their current status and create a map to reach new goals. Contact Carlos to learn more about his Business Mastery consulting.

Here’s What You Might Expect from Carlos Reynaldo: Consulting, Recruiting and Sales Training

  • Get your salespeople to REALLY believe in your offer (like you do)
  • Get your salespeople as driven to sell your product as you are
  • Get you “A-player” salespeople that deliver without a sense of entitlement— and train them for you
  • Help you implement systems that will make it easy for your people to stay focused on results instead of BS drama


In simpler terms, he’s going to make it happen, DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES to get “it” done for you.

  • Thanks to your great energy and knowledge, I have now a better understanding of my company’s vision and which are the next step I need to take in order to reach my goals. I would love to learn more about your small businesses plan so you can help me grow.

    Sarah Duru, French Toast Agency
    Sarah Duru, French Toast Agency
  • I know that you’re the one guy that stuck with it and had the courage to do what’s necessary to find a way to make it work

    Tony Robbins, Robbins Research International, Inc
    Tony Robbins, Robbins Research International, Inc

Known for his energetic, no-nonsense, make-it-happen approach, Carlos built his company from start-up to over $1 billion in gross sales. Bilingual in English and Spanish, Carlos was also a television pitchman for Lincoln Mercury in Hollywood and won countless awards as a top sales executive with Mercedes Benz of North America in Beverly Hills. He is an author, mentor, coach and legendary rainmaker — a story-teller whose stories are all true.

Carlos says that he likes to copy from his son’s philosophy:

“I’m a no BS kind of guy…I prefer to let my work speak for itself.”

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