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-Tony Robbins, Robbins Research International, Inc.

  • "Thank you so much for convincing me to go to Business Mastery. It was the best business decision I've made. I had a blast, learned a lot, met awesome entrepreneurs and created friendships...I'm a new man now! I started to implement what I've worked on during the event and I'm thrilled about the future."

    Maxime Jobin
  • "Hired as a leadership/success speaker/business motivational Speaker...Carlos is a terrific motivational speaker with a unique ability to energize an entire sales floor filled with sales professionals."

    Sami C.
    Sami C.Strategic Growth Capital Holding
  • He will literally change your life!

    Carlos is easily one of the most passionate, informed and skilled professionals that I have EVER had the pleasure of learning from in my life. His no holds barred method will throw your bad habits and ineffective methods to the wayside while empowering you to take control of your successes in both business and in life. He and his program are priceless for any corporation or individual that wants to organically amp up production and motivation! Do not miss out!!

    Ellis NormanCorporate Event in Los Angeles, CA
  • Carlos is a ROCKSTAR!

    Carlos is empowering, engaging, encouraging and the best sales motivator and trainer that I have had the pleasure of working with. Only hire him if you want to have a better reflection of yourself, your skills, your personal and financial life and improve upon them all! He's caring and considerate and truly wants you to excel in all aspects of your life. He reintroduced me to the fact that, "Intention is immediate!" I will miss him dearly!

    Danae T.Goldline LLC
  • If you are in the people business you need Reynaldo.

    I have been in the sales and marketing industry for over 22 years. I have attended seminars from Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Brain Tracy and Les Brown. Each one of these individuals provide great information and motivation in the art of selling. What Carlos Reynaldo provides you is real life, straight forward tools to win in the industry of professional sales. If you are new to the sales industry or a 22 year veteran. You need Reynaldo. You will thank him a thousand times over.

    Angelo A.P.
  • Dynamic, no BS, and great attitude

    I've been a fan of Carlos for over 3 years now. His energy, sass and wit combine to get his message across in an entertaining way. Having a vast array of experiences from which he draws his wisdom, Carlos knows what it means to "dig in and get your hands dirty" to create huge results. If you have the opportunity to hear him speak or hire him for consulting, consider yourself lucky!

    Chelsea O.Tech Diva Media
  • “One word best describes Carlos: ‘extraordinary’.”

    The Berens Group, Coldwell Banker
    The Berens Group, Coldwell Banker Sandy Berens, The Berens Group
  • Sales Guru Extraordinaire It's been my distinct pleasure to work closely with Carlos Reynaldo over the past 3 months, for both personal coaching and the assistance he has directly provided my team of account executives. His holistic approach to sales training is refreshing, forward thinking, and extremely engaging. He is acutely aware that in order for sales people to improve their performance and productivity they must first look within so as to assess properly their strengths, shortcomings, and what their primary motivating factors are for becoming more successful than they ever thought possible. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of working with Carlos is that he consistently shows an honest and true commitment to the continued success and personal growth of everyone with whom he works. He will not hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure that those who see themselves as being stuck or incapable of greater achievement understand that, as Napoleon Hill once wrote, "Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds" and "What the mind can conceive, it can achieve." My team and I have benefited greatly from working with Carlos the past few months, as his approach is a breath of fresh air in keeping the individual's perception of self as paramount to achieving greater success and overcoming obstacles that appear along the way.

    Tony S.Goldline LLC
  • “I had to close down one of my collections and it was a really heart-wrenching decision and it made me really sad. Carlos came to my home and blew my mind, he really did. It was really profound, in an hour! He moved me; I couldn’t afford not to do it.”  

    OmgirlMeghan Fielding, CEO, Omgirl
  • Champion Attitude. Champion Results! Being in the sales industry for nearly 15 years and reading countless sales books that reiterate much of the same, Carlos arms you with proven strategies that work and pay! I've had the honor of working closely with Carlos over the last few months and can confidently say he will dramatically improve your customer relationships and sales success. Whether you just started your sales career or are a veteran who wants to upgrade their performance to win more then look no further. Carlos gives you straight talk that any professional will welcome and benefit from. Carlos Reynaldo is nothing short of a true champion!

    Matthew N.Goldline
  • “I really met you without expectations but was ready for anything you would throw at me. I feel I learned so much and was reminded of things I had forgotten as well. A visit with you is like taking a vitamin B 12 shot!”  

    Brand Realty, Inc.
    Brand Realty, Inc.Ronna Mee Brand, Brand Realty, Inc.
  • “I’ve had many coaches in my 33 years of Real Estate & they were all good for various reasons but Carlos Reynaldo is the best. Carlos is by far the smartest & I’m still amazed by what is just rolls off the tip of his tongue; it may be a quote, a book or just a statement that makes everything that you have been struggling with seem simple & clear. I think of Carlos as not only a business coach but also a life coach and I am so happy to have him part of my life.”

    Remax Estate Properties
    Remax Estate PropertiesPat Kandel, Remax Estate Properties
  • “I have had a business coach for 30 years. I believe in the value of a coach, keeping me centered, focused, and accountable for my actions in order to obtain the business and personal goals I want to achieve. Well, my friend, you have taken my “coaching” to another dimension. This is the first time I have really gone “through the layers” of trying to figure out what makes Debbie tick!!! “You have made me look at what I really love, what I’m good at, what I hate, what are my passions, and what drives me! You have stated many times that our internal story runs us, and we must feed it positive and abundant thoughts. After 4 months of weekly sessions with you, I have learned to celebrate each day, and try to grow my mind, feelings and actions in small increments each day. I realize that worrying is praying for something bad to happen, so my mind is filled with being the best I can be and nurturing all my abundance. “One of the best pearls of wisdom you have given me is, “Love life the way it is. We are not running the show”! You are the best…..I thank God that our paths crossed and that you have dedicated so many hours to make my life AWESOME!!!”

    Remax Estate Properties
    Remax Estate PropertiesDebra Berman, Remax Estate Properties
  • Fortunate to have met Carlos in my professional world. Recently our company, Goldline, hired Carlos Reynaldo to help train us on the sales floor. He has literally taken the wheel that has been created by well-known experts such as Zig Ziglar, and created a fresh and inspiring way to look at ourselves. His kindness comes from within, you can really sense that, and he knows how to identify our weaknesses and turn them into strengths without demeaning us, which is a wonderful way to build character and strength. I think all the account executives that went to him for help and advice, as well as attended all the meetings, have definitely benefited from his expertise. He has a real gift for teaching how to become an amazing sales professional on a consistent basis, not just up and down (which is a cycle many of us can become accustomed to) in order to stay at our maximum level of production. I don't want to say he reinvented the wheel, but like I said in the beginning, he took that wheel and used his own approach to create a fresh way of looking at what we can do to better ourselves and improve our performances. He identified our own unique patterns and assisted us on how to overcome the negatives ones. It takes work and dedication, but it is worth it. I'm considered a "veteran" at my job and realize I learned from him and what I can to improve my performance, which is immeasurable. I would definitely recommend Carlos for any organization. He motivated and taught us for four months and he will be missed.

    Nicole H.
  • Outstanding, Simply the Best There's no way to do justice to Carlos' incredible ability to achieve results with a company's sales force in a few short paragraphs. Carlos' unique and caring approach allows him to affect bottom line results on a group and individual level. His dedication and focus were exemplified in his availability to meet with any sales team member in a moment's notice and tailor his approach to the individual's needs to affect a lasting change that has a direct correlation to bottom line results. On a personal note, in my 25 years of experience Carlos is the best trainer that I have ever worked with. I would like to express to Carlos my gratitude for having had the opportunity to work with him and for his lasting business and personal effect on me and my teammates.

    Vincent F.
  • “In Southbay Ford Lincoln’s 22 years of business, we’ve seen a lot of salespeople walk through our doors filled with promises and high hopes. In November 2012, Carlos Reynaldo / C.A.R. Industries, LLC, approached me with a long, successful sales history and a lot of ideas. Frankly, I’ve heard it all before. But I thought, here’s a guy with energy and guts. I’m going to give him a chance. “Carlos Reynaldo delivers. In these four-and-a-half short months working as a consultant to Southbay Ford Lincoln, Carlos has implemented systems, instigated change and inspired production. It hasn’t been easy. Every business gets entrenched in “the way we’ve always done it” and resists “newfangled” ways of doing things. But Carlos has persisted, demonstrated the logic of his systems and, slowly, brought me and our staff around to new ways of thinking. “He has established regular weekly training sessions for our managers and salespeople. He’s created and implemented systems to attract the “right people,” introduced new interview tools and techniques and streamlined our hiring to build our staff of successful, career-oriented employees. Through this new system, Carlos has recruited 8 to 10 new hires for various positions. Carlos has even introduced new ways of answering our phones and using the paging system. “I’m impressed with Carlos Reynaldo’s vision, persistence and energy. He has terrific ideas and knows how to accomplish them. I’m grateful for his contribution to Southbay Ford Lincoln and glad I decided to take a chance on him back in November of 2012.”

    Southbay Ford Lincoln
    Southbay Ford LincolnGary Premeaux, Dealer Principal, Southbay Ford Lincoln, Eight-time President’s Award Winner, Privately owned-non public company
  • “Do you know how much I appreciate you? YOU ROCK! Your energy and positive attitude are contagious. You have taught me so much in such a short period of time. You have given me the gift to know that I have my own key to unlock my own passions and natural talents. My personal and business life have already changed. You have helped me to be compassionate and to organize my life so that I can concentrate on my intentions, helping people get to their goals while doing what I already know best.”

    The Berens Group, Coldwell Banker
    The Berens Group, Coldwell BankerSteffi Berens, The Berens Group
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